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Musashi Kyuryo National Forest Park

As an important part of the Meiji Centennial Commemorative Project, the Musashi Kyuryo Shinrin National Park was established in 1972 on the northeast side of town. The park is Japan's first national park. The grounds run from east to west for 1 km. and from north to south for 4 km. This large natural park covers an area of 304 hectares, a space equivalent to that of 65 Tokyo Domes.

The park is covered with abundant thickets of assorted trees that include red pines, oaks, Japanese oaks, etc. The park has been designed to maintain the elegant image of the Musashi Plain. There are 41 lakes and ponds, including Nishida-numa, Azamikubo-numa and Yamata Onuma, located throughout the park. The park serves as treasure chest of superb habitats for a wide range of wild fowl, plants and animals.

It is also a wonderful place to appreciate the changes of the seasons. Attractions include nature watching and strolls through the woods as a matter of course. There are also the broad grassy slopes of the athletic grounds, cycling courses, tennis courts, a swimming pool and many other excellent facilities. An abundant trove of nature's blessings along with various refreshing seasonal attractions such as blooming flowers and the tinted leaves of autumn help to decorate this park and attract visitors from all over the country in their search for recreational activities in a superb natural environment of a natural park.

Dog Run

People can enjoy romping with their dogs, off the leash, in the broad (2,500m2) dog run plaza. There are 5 agility challenge devices for the dogs and they can be used by anyone.

Outdoor Barbecue Plaza

Regardless of the season, there is nothing like an outdoor barbecue in a beautiful natural setting. Barbecue equipment is available on a rental basis by making reservations in advance. There is no cost for using the facilities (other than park entrance fees and parking fees).


The cycling course covers 17 km. 1,300 bicycles are available for rental at 4 locations along the course.


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