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Mt. Ninomiya

The birth of an observasion platform at the highest point in town

The observation tower is located at the top of Mt. Ninomiya where visitors can enjoy the beauty of the overlapping hills and a splendid panorama of the county. In the past, Mt. Ninomiya was known as the Okuyashiro of the Iko Shrine and it was closely entwined with the lives of the people who lived in the surrounding area. At its peak, the mountain is 131.8 m. above sea level, making it the highest point in Namegawa.
The Mt. Ninomiya Observation Platform was built on the peak of this mountain in 1994 and has since become a symbol of Namegawa. The height of the platform is 21 m., a height of some significance in light of the arrival of the 21st century. The grand panorama as seen from the top of the tower makes it possible for viewers to see downtown Shinjuku as well as Mt. Tsukuba to the east and Mt. Asama to the west. Since 1995, the Mt. Ninomiya vicinity with its well-outfitted facilities has become a popular attraction for those seeking an enjoyable experience in a nearby location. Azaleas and other flowers have been planted to make the natural setting of this area even more attractive for rest and relaxation.

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