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Town Festivals

Over the course of the year, there are a number of annual attractions in Namegawa. In August, there is the Noryo Bon Festival Dance, a festival that is especially famous for the large wooden Bon scaffold. The scaffold is decorated with paper lanterns and other festive red and white floral decorations that help to further elevate the festive atmosphere.
The Taiiku-sai (sports festival) is one of the major events held in the autumn. Neighborhood teams compete in a variety of athletic competitions supported by lively cheering sections. This festival is always filled with the excitement of competition. The Namegawa Festival encourages the participation many groups that decorate their shop facades and provide special exhibitions and entertainment. Nearly everyone participates in this festival. Namegawa also holds an annual Culture Festival, a Health Festival and a festival celebrating agricultural crops during the harvest season. Something always seems to be going on in Namegawa.

Annual Schedule

April Tsukinowa Shrine Sisimai
July Tsukinowa Shrine Sisimai
Fukuda Kumano Shrine Sisimai
August Bon Odori Festival
October Tsukinowa Shrine Sisimai
Fukuda Kumano Shrine Sisimai
Sports Festival
November Namegawa Festival
Agricultural Festival


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